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A New Way To Sell Faster, Secure & at Maximum Price

Auctions aren't new. Yet they are now THE hottest trend to sell properties in current markets.


Did you know that over 80% of our auctions sell within 30 days?

With a very low administrative cost, your property can reach over 500,000 monthly interested buyers from all over the world instantly. This pretty much guarantees success!

Zero risk for you: where every bid is binding for the buyer...yet as a seller YOU get to decide whether to accept any bid or none at all.

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    5 Reasons why selling your property via auction is SMART.

    The Smartest way to sell fast & secure.

    The Winning Team
    1. PEOPLE

    Troostwijk Auction is the largest Auction House in Europe and will handle the auction of your property from start-to-end.


    Legal responsibility of the auction lays with Troostwijk  while as your real estate agent.

    3. EASE

    As your trusted agent, we handle all the aspects of the sale so you just sit back and watch the bids come in!

    4. BINDING

    Bids are legally binding under European law, yet YOU choose the winning bid (or don't sell/sell to someone else).


    Visibility of the auction through the Troostwijk platform currently reaching over 500,000 unique visitors monthly...and growing.

    Result: More than 80% of auctions result in a sale within 30 days.

    Sell your
    property NOW!

    Obtain the highest possible price for your property. Auctions tend to achieve market or even above-market prices! You set your minimum price...we'll guide you to determine the true value of your property as to increase the odds of selling fast & righteous.

    Buyers from all over the world are watching...and bidding!

    With over 6 million unique visitors and 2.9 million lots sold last year alone, your property on auction will most likely sell within 30 days!

    TB Auctions is the largest Auction House in Europe

    Accelerating the Sale of
    Your Property through
    a Professional Auction

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    Allow us to be your point-person for the sale of your property

    Our many years of experience is your best guarantee of success.

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    Selling is easy and fast

    We make your sale easy, secure and faster than anyone else can!

    3 Practical Steps of your Sale via Auction

    3 Easy Steps

    We valuate the current market price of your property, agree on a minimum price, establish our agreement with the required formalities (documents etc.) and you only pay a low dossier fee.


    The property goes to auction on the agreed date with the Auction House (TB Auctions/Troostwijk) who takes care of the marketing, bidders registrations and bids, obtaining the 3 highest bids for you. Only if there are are bids that qualify for the parameters of your sale, then you pay for the success fee of the auction.


    YOU decide whether to sell it or not, and to whom...knowing that if you select one of the winning bids, then the bidder is obliged under European law to purchase your property.

    What does it cost to auction your property?

    Success-driven Pricing (*)


    Starting up an Auction requires a Dossier charge. This covers the administration cost associated with preparing your auction to be set up, scheduled and executed.

    The dossier cost is only 110 € for Romania, yet it varies depending on the country in which the property is located. A CEPI-only advantage of up to 50 €!

    Success Fee

    Only when the auction rendered at least one valid and binding bid, and you decide to accept the contact information of the bidders (maximum 3), you pay the success fee.

    The success fee is calculated on the value of the property (highest bid or equivalent in EUR) and varies depending on the country in which the property is located. Pricing discount for CEPI only: up to 200 € discount!

    Success fees range as follows:

    • < 100.000 €: 200 €
    • < 300.000 €: 550 €
    • < 750.000 €: 650 €
    • > 750.000 €: 825 €

    (*) Remarks:

    • Based on Troostwijk Belgium prices – prices through other auction brands may vary. The agency must be an active member of a CEPI-member association at the time of placing the property for auction.
    • Note that a 50 EUR administrative penalisation is added to the Dossier cost when the start price deviates from the preset % by country as it incurs additional work + could impact the probability of success negatively.
    • For auctions by subscription and closed envelope, add 150 EUR to the dossier cost.

    Since we belong to an association that is a CEPI-member, you have a direct substantial financial advantage in both the Dossier as the Success Fee pricing structure. This is another way to reward you for trusting a true professional.


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